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Ancestral Narratives - Intro to Caucasian Roots

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From wars to mass media, so many things interrupt the continuity of ancestral narratives. In the old days before the internet and television, we spent more time hearing ancestral narratives from our families, friends, and neighbors. When we are disconnected from those narratives, we have nothing to compare with modern beliefs and values. What we learn in school and on television often conflicts with the beliefs and values our ancestors maintained for centuries. Reconnect with ancestral narratives!

Ancestral Narratives - Intro to Caucasian Roots ebooklet (Vol.2)

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Military Dances

Ancient Armenian dances are still performed today. Military dances combine discipline and rhythm. Part of pre-battle practice military dances boost adreniline and soldiers' morale.


This form of military dance is performed by sparring partners. Strength and endurance are tested while maintaining eye contact. Traditional yarkhoushta intensifies between partners until one of them is defeated.

Cilicia (Kilikia)

Cilicia was an ancient Armenian kingdom and powerful ally of European crusaders. Today's "Western Armenians" are descendants of the Cilicians.

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